Injections for Occipital Neuralgia…

I had such hopes that these injections would work but they are an utter failure. I have had neck and head pain for two days now. Occipital Neuralgia is caused by the occipital nerve being damaged or pinched due to arthritis the pain is very much like that of a migraine the biggest difference is that migraine medication has no effect on the pain. I have the pain on the right side of my face it is at first a burning pain that starts at the back of my head and neck it travels up behind my ear then travels across my temple and then travels inward to the back of my right eye. To make matters worse there are also random sharp shooting pains along the same path. I have light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, and nausea.

I don’t know what my pain management doctor will do since the injections failed but I know he needs to do something to stop this pain. It is so hard to function when your head constantly hurts. All you can think about is this pain and it makes you forgetful, it makes you snap at people, it makes enjoying anything nearly impossible, and makes you just want to sleep because that is the only time you get relief.

I will write more after I see my doctor on Wednesday so that I can update and let you all know what he has decided to try. God Bless you all!