Cold Fronts go Away…

I don’t care if you are weak, medium, or strong just go away I hate you! I am sitting here nursing two sore knees, but the right one is really painful and if I touch it feels like I have been kicked with a steel toed boot.

I am due for corticosteroid injections in both of them, but I have to wait for the insurance company to approve the injections. If they would approve the Synvisc ( knee fluid replacement. It is pretty much the same as the fluid that should be in your knee naturally, but much thicker) and it takes three weeks to do the three injections because of it being thicker. If they would just approve those again they wouldn’t have to worry about it injections for my knees for up to a year. They of course don’t seem to be able to see the logic in that and evidently would rather pay for the steroid injections every six months.

In the mean time I have to deal with the pain, limping which eventually makes other thinks hurt, and did I mention pain? The thing is they know I am going to need them because at the most they only last a few weeks (compared with a a year with the Synvisc). It is the same with my back and neck so why they cannot having a standing approval for them when they are needed it would really help to manage my pain better. I go weeks sometimes months before some injections get approved. Because of the damage to my nerves in my neck including the Occipital nerve I get headaches much like migraines. I had a headache once that lasted for about five months and it felt like someone was shoving a red hot poker through the back of my head and out my right eye. It is called Occipital neuralgia and if you would like to read about it go here

Seriously no one should have to suffer that long from a headache like that for five months which literally feels like forever. All i wanted to do was sleep because at least for a short time I could escape the pain, but it would usually wake me back up after and hour or two. Cold fronts actually make all my pain issues worse, but since I have to walk I feel the pain in my knees more especially when a cold front passes through. Arthritis does not like cold of any kind. So please spring get here before i am tempted to cut off a leg above the knee!

God bless you all and thank you for reading my ramblings! Prayers and comments welcome and acting like the adults you are is appreciated!