Doctors Appointment Tomorrow…

I go for my monthly visit tomorrow which I do every 28 days whether anything has changed or not and that is because I take an opiod pain killer which most call narcotics and I don’t like it, but then if I want to function at all it is a must. I take the lowest possible dose because I don’t want to be a zombie because that would be just as bad as the pain because I would be so out of it I wouldn’t be able to function anyway. So I feel pain everyday all day long so it is more of keeping the pain to a tolerable level opposed to killing it completely.

I have to tell my doctor that my knees are acting up again and making it a real pain to stand up and walk because it hurts so bad under my knee caps they don’t want to bend. Also the nerve block he tried in my back did not work either and actually it seems worse now that it was and now I have pain in my pelvic area now that is radiating from my back (sigh) it just never seems to end. I know I am usually much more upbeat than this and I do apologize, but sometimes it just gets downright depressing when nothing works and even at times makes things worse and even adds new pain to deal with.

I am very careful though to never take it out on those around me especially my boyfriend who is always so helpful and understands enough that he never pushes me to do more than I say I can do at the time. As a matter of fact whenever I want to do more than I normally do like walk with him to take out the trash or to go get the mail he always asks if I am sure I want to do that and if I really feel I can without making me hurt more. There has been a time or two it has backfired and I did end up in more pain, but he never said “I told you so.” instead he helps me until I feel better.

Tomorrow God willing I will be back to let you know what has been decided on as the next steps to combat this pain. Prayers and comments are welcome! Be nice and behave like the adults you are! God’s blessing for you all! Be well and treat others as you would like to be treated!


6 thoughts on “Doctors Appointment Tomorrow…

  1. Praying for a great visit with the Dr, and that he is granted the wisdom and discernment to know what meds will work best for you!! ❤

    • Thank you so much Sweetie. I have felt depression trying to slip in and that scares me. I haven’t depressed in nearly three years but i feel like I keep getting battered down at every turn with this pain. So again I thank you for your prayers! Much love my dear!

    • Susan thank you for asking. I forgot to come back since I had neck injections on Friday. The appointment went well my doctor did trigger point elections on the right side of my neck on Friday along with the regular deep injections because I told him there was still having a lot pain there. He is going to set me up for injections in both knees ( corticosteroid injections for inflammation ) which take down the pain a lot and could last several months. Then he also wants to deaden some more of the sympathetic ganglion nerves because of the sharp pain that shoots from my lower back into my pelvic area and to also control the spasms better. He also decided it was okay for me to keep the Soma because it helps the most with the spasms. I will make a full blog post later today. Again thank you do much for asking. God bless! How have you been doing?

      • Ah, well, on a positive note, my daughter is living with me temporarily which is awesome! She went off to college at 18 and kept going in terms of being more and more independent She’s home to save money before moving on to New York to work.
        Me, I’ve have a novel rejected by a prominent literary agent, got put on Cymbalta for nerve pain secondary to stenosis at L4-5 due to a herniation – it’s working( leg’s numb, but no pain 🙂 . Parents are healthy and it’s been 3 months since anything in the house has broke, so all in all, things are okay! Not writing much – got totally lazy about that!!

      • I am glad you get to spend more time with your daughter. I love my daughter and she loves me, but living under the same roof is like throwing to wet cats in the same box and closing the lid. We are both too opinionated, bull headed, and strong willed…in other words very much alike. I am sorry to hear about your novel, but hopefully you can get it published in the future…never give up because I know you can do it. Healthy parents are a good thing for sure. My doctor wanted me to take both Lyrica and Cymbalta for diabetic nerve pain, but I passed on the Cymbalta because it is filtered through the liver and I had a period where my liver enzymes were acting strange. That has resolved it’s self, but I still think the Lyrica is enough. I was born missing the five lowest discs in my spine so I understand the nerve pain like that I have a lot of sympathetic ganglion nerves damage and so I have pain in the weirdest places from that and muscle spasms. If not for the Lyrica my thighs would feel like they are on fire and so yes number is better than pain. I get lazy about writing sometimes too. Being okay and nothing broken is always a good thing!

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