It Has Been Awhile…

I know it has been quite awhile since the last time I have updated this blog. Partly from frustration and partly because my pain would not allow me to sit here long enough to write down my thoughts.

Since the last time I posted I have had my knees injected twice and it isn’t working very well right now because Texas is having bi-polar weather and it will get warm then a huge cold front will blow through and there I go into severe pain. The last time I had to practically drag my right leg because it hurt to put any pressure on it and it did not want to bend either. They just got to where they were starting to feel better and now here comes another cold front.

I also recently had the nerves in my neck burned and I am still not convinced it was actually worth it other than the fact that it got rid of my 5 month long headache. I do still have pain in parts of my neck, across my shoulders, and down between my shoulder blades. My doctor said to give it time because it can take a couple weeks for it to take full effect so we will see. Then yesterday I went and have nerve blocks done in my lower lumbar and  other than some sharp pain the day of it seems to be more of a success than the nerve burning in my neck was.

Medication wise I am pretty much taking the same with the exception of muscle relaxer and that was changed to a stronger one since the other one stopped working. I do have some advice for anyone out there suffering chronic pain. When choosing your pain management doctor do not sign a contract with any doctor that will not listen to you about your pain, about how you want to treat it, and who will not put you in twilight for injections. These injections that are deep hurt like bloody hell and you may still feel it in twilight but it isn’t as bad in twilight because it takes the edge off by relaxing your entire body. Never go with a doctor that wants only to push pills. Now I do take pain medication but dose is low by my choice as I am willing to suffer some pain to keep from being a zombie. You cannot enjoy life if you are constantly in a stupor from tons of medication. I take one for my general body pain, one for nerve pain from my diabetes, and then a muscle relaxer that helps my pain medication work better ( if you have muscle spasms then your pain medications effectiveness is cut in half at the least. Address both pain and spasms and you get much better relief.)

Some more advice here for those in pain I know it hurts but never stop moving. Once you give in to the pain and stop moving your joints will stiffen and then when you do have to move it is going to hurt you even more. Have good posture do not stoop over because it will increase your pain and eventually your back will lock into that position and you will never be able to stand straight again. I force myself to have good posture it doesn’t matter how much it hurts because I know this hurts less than being all stooped over. Do not dwell on your pain because your mind is a powerful thing and if all you do is concentrate on the pain it will amplify it so find things to help take your mind off of it even for short periods will help. It may sound crazy but keep a positive outlook it helps tremendously in managing your pain because if you are always all doom and gloom then your pain is going to feel so much worse. I laugh and smile as much as possible every single day. It also has the added benefit of people wanting to be around you and even help you because face it who wants to be around someone that is always bitter, complaining, and grouchy. You should never ever take out your pain on those around you because it is not their fault you are in pain simple as that and taking it out on them will only drive them from your life.


Peace and God’s blessings for you all! If you have questions by all means please do ask. Be kind and use your manners or your comment will never appear…thank you!


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