Results of my Doctors Appointment…

First I must apologize for this being late I had forgotten that I had neck injections the very next day and they always knock me for a loop.

So I spoke to my doctor about the pain in my neck even though I was due for injections there was more pain on the right side where the arthritis is worse and there is a catching over there to the point that sometimes it catches and I have to work my neck to make it let go and many times there is an audible pop when it does let go along with pain. So he decided to do some trigger point injections along with the deep injections to help with the pain the catching is something I am going to have to live with at least for the time being. He doesn’t want me going under general anesthesia anytime in the near future because I have had pneumonia twice in 6 months. The trigger points will at least help with the pain although I had them on Friday I still cannot tip my head to far to the right, but there is still a lot of swelling back there and I am starting to feel like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

We also talked about my back and the last injections he did back there and that not only did they not work all that well, but they caused another really annoying pain. It goes from my lower back and shoots around the front of my hip into my pelvic area and it is quite sharp at times. So he wants to try it again and fix the pain going into my pelvis at the same time. Now some might wonder why I would let him do it again if it didn’t work and caused another problem. Well it is pretty simple nerves don’t always behave as expected and he also has to find the right sympathetic ganglion nerves to deaden and sometimes it takes me more than once to deaden them completely. When you are in pain all the time two things you need to learn is patience and the other is to trust your doctor because if you don’t trust your doctor then you have no business wasting their time. Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask question or have a say in what happens to your body, but they did go to school for a lot of years and train to do what they do.

Next was my knees they have been so painful lately and I told my doctor it feels like there are sharp marbles under my kneecaps and if you can imagine that you will have an inkling of how painful it has been for me to walk. Part of the problem is these stupid cold fronts that keep coming through I no more than start healing from one and another one is on it’s way here and then the pain cycle gets ramped up once again. The other problem is the damage my knees sustained in 1992 during a car accident. We hit another car doing 55mph and the guy sitting behind me in the backseat did not have his seat belt on and so on impact he hit the back of my seat ripping the bolts through the floor of the car. My right knee slammed through the glove box door shattering the door and damaging the meniscus in my knee ( the meniscus is the thin layer of cartilage on the ends of your bones that help your knee joints to move smoothly and protect the ends of the bones from damage.) my left knee didn’t fair as well because it slammed into the dash shoving my radio all the way to the firewall and the meniscus on the ends of each bone exploded and I no longer have a meniscus in that knee on either bone. So that knee has been rubbing bone on bone since 1992 and it has taken a toll I have bone spurs and a ton of inflammation and inflammation translates to lots of pain. The bad thing is I am unable to take oral anti-inflammatory drugs because they make my body swell so I go between corticosteroid injections and Synvisc injections (Synvisc is a fluid like what a healthy knee produces for lubrication but much thicker so it is done once a week for three weeks.) I have had great results with the synvisc the last time being pain free for a whole year, but the state doesn’t want to pay for it again even though it works better than the steroids and doesn’t mess with my diabetes like the steroids do.

He also let me keep the muscle relaxer Soma even though it is habit forming it is the only thing right now that is working on these hellish back spasms because no one should cry while doing a few dishes or folding clothes. So until next time God’s blessings to you all! Prayers and comments are always welcome just please behave like the adults you are!


Doctors Appointment Tomorrow…

I go for my monthly visit tomorrow which I do every 28 days whether anything has changed or not and that is because I take an opiod pain killer which most call narcotics and I don’t like it, but then if I want to function at all it is a must. I take the lowest possible dose because I don’t want to be a zombie because that would be just as bad as the pain because I would be so out of it I wouldn’t be able to function anyway. So I feel pain everyday all day long so it is more of keeping the pain to a tolerable level opposed to killing it completely.

I have to tell my doctor that my knees are acting up again and making it a real pain to stand up and walk because it hurts so bad under my knee caps they don’t want to bend. Also the nerve block he tried in my back did not work either and actually it seems worse now that it was and now I have pain in my pelvic area now that is radiating from my back (sigh) it just never seems to end. I know I am usually much more upbeat than this and I do apologize, but sometimes it just gets downright depressing when nothing works and even at times makes things worse and even adds new pain to deal with.

I am very careful though to never take it out on those around me especially my boyfriend who is always so helpful and understands enough that he never pushes me to do more than I say I can do at the time. As a matter of fact whenever I want to do more than I normally do like walk with him to take out the trash or to go get the mail he always asks if I am sure I want to do that and if I really feel I can without making me hurt more. There has been a time or two it has backfired and I did end up in more pain, but he never said “I told you so.” instead he helps me until I feel better.

Tomorrow God willing I will be back to let you know what has been decided on as the next steps to combat this pain. Prayers and comments are welcome! Be nice and behave like the adults you are! God’s blessing for you all! Be well and treat others as you would like to be treated!

It Has Been Awhile…

I know it has been quite awhile since the last time I have updated this blog. Partly from frustration and partly because my pain would not allow me to sit here long enough to write down my thoughts.

Since the last time I posted I have had my knees injected twice and it isn’t working very well right now because Texas is having bi-polar weather and it will get warm then a huge cold front will blow through and there I go into severe pain. The last time I had to practically drag my right leg because it hurt to put any pressure on it and it did not want to bend either. They just got to where they were starting to feel better and now here comes another cold front.

I also recently had the nerves in my neck burned and I am still not convinced it was actually worth it other than the fact that it got rid of my 5 month long headache. I do still have pain in parts of my neck, across my shoulders, and down between my shoulder blades. My doctor said to give it time because it can take a couple weeks for it to take full effect so we will see. Then yesterday I went and have nerve blocks done in my lower lumbar and  other than some sharp pain the day of it seems to be more of a success than the nerve burning in my neck was.

Medication wise I am pretty much taking the same with the exception of muscle relaxer and that was changed to a stronger one since the other one stopped working. I do have some advice for anyone out there suffering chronic pain. When choosing your pain management doctor do not sign a contract with any doctor that will not listen to you about your pain, about how you want to treat it, and who will not put you in twilight for injections. These injections that are deep hurt like bloody hell and you may still feel it in twilight but it isn’t as bad in twilight because it takes the edge off by relaxing your entire body. Never go with a doctor that wants only to push pills. Now I do take pain medication but dose is low by my choice as I am willing to suffer some pain to keep from being a zombie. You cannot enjoy life if you are constantly in a stupor from tons of medication. I take one for my general body pain, one for nerve pain from my diabetes, and then a muscle relaxer that helps my pain medication work better ( if you have muscle spasms then your pain medications effectiveness is cut in half at the least. Address both pain and spasms and you get much better relief.)

Some more advice here for those in pain I know it hurts but never stop moving. Once you give in to the pain and stop moving your joints will stiffen and then when you do have to move it is going to hurt you even more. Have good posture do not stoop over because it will increase your pain and eventually your back will lock into that position and you will never be able to stand straight again. I force myself to have good posture it doesn’t matter how much it hurts because I know this hurts less than being all stooped over. Do not dwell on your pain because your mind is a powerful thing and if all you do is concentrate on the pain it will amplify it so find things to help take your mind off of it even for short periods will help. It may sound crazy but keep a positive outlook it helps tremendously in managing your pain because if you are always all doom and gloom then your pain is going to feel so much worse. I laugh and smile as much as possible every single day. It also has the added benefit of people wanting to be around you and even help you because face it who wants to be around someone that is always bitter, complaining, and grouchy. You should never ever take out your pain on those around you because it is not their fault you are in pain simple as that and taking it out on them will only drive them from your life.


Peace and God’s blessings for you all! If you have questions by all means please do ask. Be kind and use your manners or your comment will never appear…thank you!