Oh the Frustration…

It is not bad enough that lately the pain in my knees has been through the roof, but then once I get all of my appointments set ( or so I thought) medicaid transportation fails to pick me up for two out of three of my appointments. I could call and make a complaint, however it would go in one ear and out there other and nothing would change and I know this because I filed complaints before. I tried being a responsible adult and gave up driving because I take strong pain killers and so felt it was not safe for me to drive and gave up my drivers license because I would have to decide if I wanted to skip a dose in order to drive or not drive.

Pain is partly kept in control by keeping pain medication at an even level within the body. If I skip a dose then my pain will spike and depending how long it takes me to take that dose I could be in considerable pain. It will then take it longer for me to get into control again and I literally suffer for it. So I decided it was not worth it in order to drive. Most of the time it is not a problem.

I now have an appointment to have my knees done on the 23rd, my neck on the 30th we will see if they pick me up or not. This not only frustrates me but my doctor as well. He is doing his level best to keep as pain free as possible, but cannot give me the procedures if I cannot get to him.

I will post an update and please pray they get their act together so that I can get these procedures done.

God bless!


4 thoughts on “Oh the Frustration…

    • Thank you my holidays were good and I hope yours was as well. I am still dealing with pain but nothing new there. I recently had the nerves in my neck burned in hopes of killing the pain I no longer have a headache (this headache had lasted about 5 months) but I still have some pain in my neck, across my shoulders, and between my shoulder blades. My doctor says it may take a little time to work . Friday I had nerve blocks done in my lower lumbar and it seems a little more successful since I am sitting at my computer once again. Something I haven’t done in a couple months. I hope that you and your family are doing well and are all healthy and happy! Oh yeah and in December I almost died again (how could i forget that right? lol) I got influenza B, pneumonia, and blood poisoning. I pulled through after a week in the hospital and back to my sassy self!

      • Thank you! I am recovering quite well better than doctors expected actually. I do now have to carry an inhaler because my chest feels tight from time to time if I am moving around a lot. It was pretty scary more so than the first time I think because the influenza B made it more aggressive than the first time. They had this thing like a big blood pressure cuff that wrapped around my ribs and chest that shook me like crazy and it helped to bust up and the nasty stuff in my lungs and really helped in my recovery. I expect a full recovery for sure! I am glad you are well and your family too!

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