It Seems my Body Parts Are in Competion to See Who Can Hurt me More…

I have started sleeping in my bed again because I have come to the conclusion that no matter where I sleep something is going to protest about and well I might as well be able to stretch out. I had started sleeping on one of our love seats because sleeping in my bed (brand new still nearly three years now.) caused me a lot of lower back pain because I move a lot in my sleep unless I sleep somewhere that doesn’t allow me to move in my sleep. My outlook is different now though because I feel every joint I have is out to get me so I might as well sleep where I want to.

So here is a sort of break down the bed was making the pain in my lower back worse, the love seat was making my knees hurt worse, and now my neck, shoulder, and shoulder blade are acting up really bad and this is the first time in a long time. I am tending towards it being the love seat simply because I don’t fit and in order to try to give my knees a break from being bent all night I laid on my back placed pillows under my knees to give them some support and that worked okay for my knees, however not so well for my feet. the problem was it placed my feet to high and even though that can be good for water retention it evidently isn’t suppose be done over night. I kept waking up with dead feet and then when circulation starts coming back it also wakes up my diabetic nerve pain.

So as you can see I am pretty much doomed that no matter where I sleep it is going to end up with something hurting worse than the rest. It isn’t as simple as a different kind of bed or mattress because there simply isn’t one single thing that works for everything and each individual thing that works each thing they cannot be brought together in any way I can think of. So then I have to stop and think about what I would rather deal with the most and there is no good answer really. So I decided the bed it is because I feel it is better all around because I can straighten out my legs and I can move around so it has to be good for my circulation and my muscles to not be all bunched up like they have been. Time will tell so say a prayer for me please!

God bless each of you! Comments welcome no attacking anyone verbally or any other way, no foul language. Behave as Jesus would will love, compassion, and love!