Getting Better and Impatience…

I am now at that point in recovery where I am still sick, but I feel so much better I feel I can get up and do whatever I want too and then I end up over doing it and the fatigue comes crushing back like a ton of bricks. I then have to drag myself back into bed and sleep. It is so frustrating it will soon be a month since I was in the hospital as a matter of fact tomorrow will be a month to the day that I entered the hospital and was admitted.

My brain keeps trying to convince my body it is well and my body keeps showing me in various ways that it is not completely healed. Today I will make an appointment with my primary care doctor so that she can go over every thing that happened and get me the referral I need for the pulmonary doctor so I can find out how much if any damage was done to my left lung since it was hit hardest by the pneumonia and if my lymph nodes have returned to normal now or not. I can now take deep breaths without coughing and with out pain. When I am rest I am a lazy breather I breath shallow and slowly and it takes time for me to take a deep breath or two and I am not sure how to improve that since I don’t really think about it and I am certain no one really thinks about it.

I have been trying to wean myself off the oxygen and I do well as long as I am sitting or lying down, but when I get up and try doing things it doesn’t take long for me to get winded and that is one of the things that frustrates me the most because when I am tethered to an oxygen condenser by 14ft of tubing so I can get to my computer and move around some since is not good to stay in one spot all day. When I leave the house I have to carry a small portable oxygen tank over my shoulder or on my back which is annoying and causing my neck, shoulders, and upper back to flare up with muscle spasms and sharp shooting pain. I stay home unless I have a doctors appointment to go to.

That is all of my whining for now lol. God bless you all. Comments are welcome so long as they are civil, no foul language, no arguing no attacking others verbally, be always kind, gentle, and loving just as Jesus would do Himself! Much love from me to you all!