Never Prednisone Never Again…

While I was in the hospital with pneumonia they were giving me Prednisone to reduce the inflammation in my lungs and help to breath easier which it did, however no one warned me about what was going to happen when I was tapered off of it. I have excruciating knee pain it is so bad I can barely walk and if it doesn’t let up by Monday I will be calling my pain management doctor to see what can be done to ease this pain until my body goes back to normal.

My cough is finally getting farther apart with each passing day and that is a good thing because now my muscles around my ribcage and my abdominal muscles can start to heal from nearly a month of muscle tearing cough. I knew it was going to last for awhile after all was healed in my lungs it takes awhile for the inflammation to go away. The oxygen has helped a lot with the healing of my lungs and when I came home with it I fought it I didn’t want to use it, but Dwight convinced me it was best if I gave in and used it and that it would help me to help faster and he was right. I gave in and I now use it most of the day and while I sleep and it really has made a difference so I need to stop being so stubborn lol.

So once I talk to my doctor Monday I will update this with whatever instruction he gives me.


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