There is Always Something Else to Try to Make me Miserable…

When I was in the ER on the 3rd when I went there with pneumonia and Sepsis (blood poisoning) they gave me a massive injection of a corticosteroid to help my bronchial passages to be able to open up so I could get more oxygen since I at that point I was pretty much suffocating. I was given Prednisone for my entire stay in the hospital and I just finished them off today. So where is this going? My feet and legs up to my knees are swollen with water retention and the skin is pulled so tight it both hurts and itches. I take a water pill but it evidently is not working with this amount of water retention. Now I don’t want to seem to be ungrateful because it is amazing I lived through all of that crap so huge kudos to all the staff at Northeast Methodist hospital in Live Oak Texas…Mad respect for them all!

The fact still remains though that my feet and ankles are nearly twice their normal size and feel like they are going to pop if I move them the wrong way. It might sound strange but the extra pressure from the fluid being retained around my knees are making them hurt even worse and it decided to storm today so yup I feel as though someone is stabbing me up under both kneecaps and is making me walk like I am about 90 years old. Even so I still managed to fry chicken and make me some spinach for dinner. I figure I was going to hurt anyway so I might as well eat a good home cooked meal (doesn’t that just sound crazy?). I also wanted Dwight to have some nice fried chicken when he comes home from work around 2am because he is so sweet, loving, caring, and does his best to take care of me. He has become even more loving and caring not wanting me to do anything. I had explain to him I need to do things even if they are just small things right now or I will lose what is left of my mind lol.

My neck, back, and knee injections have been put off indefinitely because I cannot be put into even twilight sleep with my lungs as they are right now especially since I am still on oxygen and until I can see a pulmonary doctor and be tortured I will be on oxygen. I have to keep reminding myself it has only been 11 short days since I was released from the hospital so I also have to remind myself that I am still not well yet and it is going to be a long time before I am. It is difficult for me dealing with this illness and I am sure most people would do a double take since I am use to dealing with doctors and my pain issues, but that is what makes it difficult because my mind is already so deeply invested in keeping my pain manageable through doctors appointments, injections, medication, and physical therapy ( or the tedious search for things I can do to help strengthen my lower back) that I am just plain getting mentally drained at this point. It is also frustrating that I cannot get my injections because they do help a lot, but I also know it would not be safe at this time so I must maintain patience and know that my doctor is just looking out for my best interest because putting me under even in twilight could make me stop breathing or cause the pneumonia to return with a vengeance which I of course don’t need either to happen. That being said I still want to scream well that is if I could get a deep enough breath to do so which I can’t lol.

I have however been 10 days free of smoking so YaY me!!! I am vaping or some people call it juicing and it is a thousand times safer than smoking. I did my research and I know there are people saying it contains antifreeze but common sense tells me that is not true because if you inhaled that it would cause some pretty bad health issues right away so no there is no antifreeze in e-juice. So that is all for this day I hope all of you are are happy, healthy, and most of all blessed by God!

God bless you all until next time…God willing!


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