Sometimes Things Take a Turn For The Worst…

So as of my last entry I was going back to see my pain management doctor on June 3rd…well that was the plan but sometimes even the best laid plans are thwarted.

About a week before I was to go back to the doctor excited to get my trigger point shots ( I know excited to get poked across the back with needles crazy right, but it is not so bad and the benefits are great.) Dwight (the love of my life.) started sneezing and I am freaking out a little because I get sick easily since I am diabetic but as a days pass and I haven’t caught anything I decide it is allergies and I began to relax and that was a big mistake that came close to costing me my life.

Late on the first of June he developed a deep cough then about midday on the second I started to cough, I really didn’t feel sick but the cough was getting deeper and my chest felt heavy really heavy so I had Dwight pick up some Mucinex for me and I took some and crawled into bed wanting nothing more than to sleep and for several hours I got just that, but when I woke up not only could I not breath except in shallow breaths anything deep caused several minutes body wracking coughs that ended in vomiting with me shivering from head to foot feverish with clouded mind I tried seek comfort moving from spot to spot for awhile but it wasn’t to be found.

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning I was totally exhausted and starting to slip away, however every time I would slump over our little girl kitty Lil Bit would pounce on me yelling at the top of her lungs and when that didn’t work she dug her claws into leg, back, or stomach until I would sit back up. She did this until Dwight came home at 4am as soon as he came in she ran to him trying to let him know I was in danger. So off to the ER I went and that is where the fight for my life started and it was a battle that was waged for hours in the ER before I could be taken to a room.

The diagnoses was pneumonia with my left being nearly full of fluid and phlegm (such a gross word lol) my right lung was about half full and I was suffocating. Once I was stable they had CT scan taken and my lymph nodes in my chest were three times their normal size which explained the 22000 white cell blood count and it was going up still so they took blood from an artery and cultured it and it was positive for blood poisoning ( Sepsis ). That was the last piece to the puzzle and what was killing me quickly.

Before leaving the ER I was given an injection of a massive amount of a steroid like Prednisone that helped with inflammation in my bronchial tube to help open me up to breath better. Then I got my first coctail of IV antibiotics. Once they moved me up to my room it was in intermediate care which for those just leaving ICU and I realized I had (with God’s healing hand) dodged the bullet it yet again.

I am home now but hooked to oxygen for I don’t know how long but I am alive and getting better daily.  I wrote this all out from my phone and I did it because I wanted plead with you all that if you become ill listen your body it will tell you when you are in danger. If had ignored what my body was telling me I would have been dead before from the blood poisoning it ravishes your internal organs pretty quickly and never knew you could even get blood poisoning from pnuemonia so take care of yourselves listen to your bodies.

God bless you all until next time God willing!


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