Rain and Pain…

I have never understood the what the relation was between rain and pain well rain yes but it is even worse with thunderstorms. I am sitting here after an entire night of thunderstorms and to say I was in pain is an understatement. I won’t even try to list what hurts because I am starting to think even my nails and hair hurts!

I just checked the weather radar for my area and we are suppose to have severe thunderstorms starting at 3 AM until around 6:30 AM so it is going to be a very long night/morning for me. It is really strange how at times like these even my skin hurts it kind of feels like someone has rubbed my skin raw with coarse sandpaper. Even my shirt makes it hurt more. It is something to bring up to my doctor on the 3rd of June when I go for my monthly checkup.

I remember when I loved thunderstorms and found them soothing and now I look at them with apprehension because I know that I will start hurting really bad about an hour before the storm arrives so I am pretty certain it has to do with the drop in the barometric pressure and our cats go a little crazy as well. Hearing the distant rumble of thunder letting me know the next round is on it’s way.

Time to try and sleep and hope to stay asleep through this round. God bless you all!


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