Health Insurance Companies are Still Heartless Jerks…

With the pain in my left knee flaring up again it told me and my doctor it was now time for another Synvisc round of injections and I would be good with that for another year. So he put in for the approval and they denied it! How heartless do these people have to be? It is the only thing that has ever worked at reducing my pain to nearly no pain at all and for a full year. It actually made me cry and that may seem silly to some over knee pain, but if it does I promise you have never felt knee pain like I do. It makes me want to cry every time I even think about getting up because I know the process of getting onto my feet is going to hurt so horribly bad.

I pride myself on not taking my pain and frustration out on others and I am certainly no whiner, however this insurance company is pushing me to my limits on nice. When someone that sits in an office all day long and has no medical background whatsoever, and has never met me or seen the amount of pain I deal with daily decides to deny me the very thing that could ease some of my pain a great deal it make me more than a little upset. People with no medical background should never be allowed to make those decisions ever!

There is a very real person behind the name on that paperwork, there is a person that is either very ill or suffering with pain, and no one should make those choices unless they are very clear what their denial is likely to cost this person in quality of life or even life and death. Instead that have pencil pushers flipping coins deciding things they know nothing about or the consequences to the person they just typed denied to on that paperwork! They can do this with a clear conscious because there are no consequences for them allowing people to needlessly suffer. No one should be able to play with anyone’s life like that. The worst part is for myself I don’t even wish for them to suffer the same as me I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

I do wonder though how they would feel every single night going to bed knowing that if God is gracious enough to give them another day that even though you are thankful for that day you know it will be filled with horrible pain. It makes smiling the next day even harder than the last. I made a promise to myself not allow myself to take my pain out on others and I live up to it but they don’t make it easy at all. I have in my life seen people that live with chronic pain turn into mean, demanding, bitter people that no one wants to be around and I don’t blame them for not wanting hear that day in and day out. So please pray God keeps me strong and that my doctor will be able with God’s help to change their minds. I am so desperate for some relief that next week I am going in to get a corticosteroid inject but it will last at the most a month.

Thank you all for reading my rants and praying for me! God Bless each of you!


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