Insurance Companies are Heartless Jerks…

I get so sick and tired of insurance companies thinking they know what is better for my health than my doctor does. My doctor has tried pretty much everything he could think of to control the pain in my left knee short of knee replacement which is never going to happen. The one thing that does give a great deal of relief for up to a year and sometimes longer and that is Synvisc. Synvisc replaces the much needed lubricating fluid in your knee. It has to be given exactly a week apart for three weeks and this is because it is almost as thick as motor oil.

Now my insurance company is telling me I can no longer have the injections because it has not permanently stopped the pain. They are not designed to permanently stop the pain it is like everything else and that is to take away the pain for awhile and a years worth of pain relief with no limping, or crying at the thought of just grocery shopping is nothing to sneeze at. I need to first get a hold of my doctor and let him know and then call my insurance company and let them know what heartless pieces of crap they are being.

You would think they would realize that the only time he asks for approval for anything for my knee it has been for the Synvisc and each of those times has been a year or more apart. I am sure they are going to suggest corticosteroids and if they do then I will know they don’t even read the notes from my doctor on my progress and what has helped and what hasn’t helped. He tried corticosteroids a couple times before trying the Synvisc the corticosteroids had pretty much no effect on the pain at all.

I will have to update this letter. Pray for me that they see the truth!