Trigger Point Injections…

When I went to my pain doctor for my regular monthly visit to get my medications for pain. In Texas you have to be under contract with your pain doctor because prescription drug abuse is pretty bad in this state anyway more on that later. While I was there I got some trigger point injections across the small of my back. These muscles on me are in constant spasm even with taking a muscle relaxer. This was on Wednesday and my back is a little sore like it is bruised. Hopefully that will go away in a few days.

I am going to try and sleep in my bed tonight (something I haven’t done in weeks) I have been sleeping on our loveseat because sleeping in my bed would cause me to wake up in severe pain because I was able to move around a lot causing me to sleep in some weird positions causing the spasms to get even worse. I am so hoping this works because my body wants to stretch out when I sleep so bad.

The injections are not so bad at least where I got them and only two actually hurt and that was when he injected near my spine. The rest of them were quick and burned like a quick bee sting that stopped burning in seconds. So if you have a problem with knotted muscles in your back or even other places then you might want to try these injections because a few seconds of pain is worth the possibility of months of relief.

I will now tell you about the contract with a pain specialist here in Texas. When you are referred to a pain specialist and he/she decides they can help you through several methods including medications, injections, and other methods they will then enter into a contract with you. This contract is signed again every year. In this contract your doctor promises to do their best through to use what methods they are trained for to help you to manage your chronic pain. You fill out several papers stating that you will not go to other doctors seeking more narcotic pain medications, that you will work with them to treat you and improve your mobility (basically doing what they tell you instead of sitting on your butt popping pills), you must inform them of any substance abuse in your family and if you have ever had a problem with substance abuse (including alcohol), you must also inform them of any sexual abuse before your teen years, attempted suicides by you or family members, and any mental illness such as ADHD, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc. This allows them to evaluate how likely you are to abuse pain medications. You also sign a form stating that you will submit to random urine tests, blood tests, and being called in on short notice for urine testing. They do this for two reasons one is to make sure you are taking your medication and have sufficient levels the other reason is to make sure you aren’t taking other narcotics not prescribed to you ( they are all different and they will show up differently in your urine or blood.) and for illegal substances such as pot, meth, heroine, etc.

Illegal substances will get your contract ended immediately with possible criminal charges. With taking a narcotic it depends on why such as you might have ran out of your pain medication and had a left over pain medication from say a dental surgery so you take it not realizing it will show up differently than what your doctor prescribed to you. If your doctor believes you he/she the place the lab that does the testing sends a report to the state then your doctor must also submit a report stating if he/she intends to keep you on as a patient and if they do then you have to be on call to come in whenever they call you wanting a urine sample if you miss even one then your contract is terminated and it is unlikely another pain specialist will take you on as a patient.

We have to go through all of this because there are idiots out there who will take anything to get a high.