Is Three Times Really a Charm?

This Friday we will see since I am going in for my third neck injection to try and stop this occipital neuralgia I pray it does because have a headache nearly every single day for the past few months. The doctor tells me if it doesn’t work this time then next time they will cauterize the nerve to kill it then I will feel nothing at all. Now you might think that would be a bad thing and I suppose in some ways it might be but I am thinking no pain is totally worth it.

Just think I could freak people out because I can’t feel anything so they could pinch my face and I would not feel it lol. Might as well find the silver lining and be able to laugh as well if you let things bring you down all the time then your pain actually gets worse and you become bitter, resentful, and angry. When that happens you start taking it out on your family and friends. It will then get to the point where no one will want to help you or even be around you. When you show your appreciation even if what they try to do for you isn’t exactly what you wanted at least they cared enough to try. If your bitterness and anger causes to constantly snap at people treating them like you are the only one that is important just because you are in pain. Cutting people down and saying things like “you’re stupid”, “you can’t do anything right”, or ” a two year old could do that better than you could”. Honestly how would like to be around someone like that? I am certain you wouldn’t want to be at all and would be highly insulted if they said those things to you. Just because you are in pain it does not give you license to be rude, hateful, verbally abusive, and just plain mean to others.

I have had people tell me that it is hard to tell that I am in pain most of the time. The reason is I don’t dwell on my pain, my pain doesn’t define who I am, it also does not dictate how I treat people around me. It is simple your pain does not make you a mean, bitter, hateful, and abusive person you choose to become like that. I you remain like that do not be surprised when you one day find yourself all alone.