Well it Worked, but it Didn’t…

I had my neck injections and although there was a lot of swelling and pain after about a week the swelling went down and my neck felt pretty good where I was injected, however the occipital nerve on the right side was not happy at all and I tumbled head first and head long into right at a weeks worth of pain, nausea, and becoming pretty close to dehydration because I could barely stand to eat or even drink anything because it all wanted to come back up. Occipital Neuralgia feels in many ways like a migraine. There is the pain it feels (at least to me) like someone is shoving a red hot poker through the back of my skull and then out my right eye there is the sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound, and the nausea the difference is pain medication does very little for the pain and the only relief I got was when I was so exhausted I would pass out but with in an hour or two the pain would wake me all over again.

I should explain as best as I can what Occipital Neuralgia is. So at the top of your spinal column there is two thick rope like (flat) nerves and there is one on the right side of your neck and on the left. Both of these nerves run up each side of your neck, then up each side of the back of your head, and then half up the top of your head. A person develops Occipital Neuralgia when the nerve is either injured, being pinched, or has inflammation due to arthritis. Not everyone has the exact same symptoms but one thing we all agree on it is very, very painful. Thankfully though having mine injected with corticosteroids will give me relief for right around 6 months or longer.