More Back Injections, Anxiety, and it’s Effect on Pain…

This past Friday I went to get my second set of injections in my lower lumbar pretty routine right? Well no not this time. Since I am disabled and on Medicaid I get free rides to and from my appointments and these are very much needed since I no longer drive. You call them at least 4 days in advance and set up the ride and usually it goes pretty smoothly but not on Friday.

My driver arrived an hour before my appointment Friday morning they do this because my appointment is in San Antonio about 22 miles from where I live and the traffic is horrible that early because of work commuters. The man actually managed to get me to my appointment about 20 minutes early so I got to get my IV lead earlier than I would have if I arrived on time. It was about 20 minutes after getting my IV lead I was called back for my injections and so far so good. I got up on the table and laid down on my stomach shivering as the nurse cleans my back. I know them all well enough now that we all joke and cut up until Joan knocks me out. Joan is great and she knows her job well and knows it takes a little extra to keep me from waking up while there is a needle in my back (or any other place on my body for that matter).

Once they are done Joan reverses the cocktail of drugs used for twilight sleep and I start to come to as they roll me onto the gurney and then into recovery where grandma ( the elderly spry nurse that takes care of us like a grandma). She says I am always easy because I wake up fast and in a good mood most of the time. She got me up and into one of the 3 big over stuffed recliners in recovery. After grandma removes my IV lead and I drink my juice I make the phone call for my driver to come get me and that is where things go very wrong!

When the dispatcher picks up I give her my name and tell her i am ready to go home and she tells me as they usually do that it will be within the hour and given the size of San Antonio I know that it is reasonable. I waited and when an hour and 15 minutes went by i called them back and the lady was nice and said that the driver informed her he was close. So she said to give him 20 minutes and if he wasn’t there to call back ( I was getting upset at this point) to make this a little shorter I ended up being hung up on and told after almost 2 hours that I was going to have to wait another 30 minutes, but thankfully the lady in the chair next to me was from the same town as me and she said it would be no problem to take me home so I told the woman on the phone to forget it that another patient offered to take me home.

I suffer from severe anxiety and I do my best to structure my life where I everything moves as smoothly as possible because I cannot handle stressful things like what happened that morning well at all. It makes my pain feel 10 times worse than normal and the drugs they gave me at the injection clinic had wore off. I laid down on the sofa shaking and in pain. Then I just broke down while doing my best to type a text to my boyfriend. He came home for lunch and I was sobbing by this time because the pain in my lower body was so intense and my nerves were completely raw and I just couldn’t function. I knew I needed fluids, food, and pain medication but I couldn’t get up and do it. When he came home he worked on calming me down while getting me to eat as much as I could, and then some tea (my favorite thing to drink) and then pain medication. Once he got all that done he helped me to his room and put me in bed there ( his bed is more comfy than mine) covering me up he turned on my fan and kissing my forehead and told me to let the medication work and go to sleep. Finally after a second dose 2 hours later let me finally fall asleep. I felt much better when I woke up.

A complaint will be made against the transportation company and I am not sure if anything will actually be done but they will at the least feel my wrath over the phone.


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