First Knee Injection Over…

I went yesterday and got my first Synvisc ( Synvisc is a heavy fluid that is very much like the fluid our knees are suppose to have naturally.) injections and usually these things go off without a hitch because I am usually fast asleep in a twilight sleep, however that didn’t happen yesterday because the anesthesiologist first hit a nasty nerve in my left forearm so then he changed to the right arm and blew a vein there so then he finally got it into my right hand. I thought it would be all good from there but no that wasn’t to be the case.

I get called back to get my injection done and the anesthesiologist comes in to knock me out so he puts the mix of three drugs they use to put you into a deep twilight sleep and about 3 seconds into the plunger being pushed the back of my hand started burning like it was on fire he pushed to fast and blew the vein and at this point I knew I wasn’t going to sleep. I got just enough of the drugs so that I couldn’t move and so I felt every single bit of that injection and I wanted to strangle that anesthesiologist.

I have two more to go in the next two weeks and he better hope his aim improves or I just might strangle him it is terrible that my doctor chooses this for his patients that suffer chronic pain so that they won’t have to suffer more and this anesthesiologist is falling down on his job by not getting the medication into the patient so they can sleep through it.

If anyone thinks this might not be so bad I will explain this to you. My knee bones scrape against each other every time I move my legs. I have very little of my meniscus left in my knees because of a car wreck I was in years ago. The meniscus is a thick somewhat flexible pad on each end of your knee bones that cushion your knees when you run and jumps it also protects the ends of your knee bones and makes smooth sliding when you walk. Now consider most of mine is gone torn away by my knees being slammed through the dash of the car and glove box doing 50 mph. The inside of my knees are raw on the inside. Now imagine a big needle pushed into your knee up under your knee cap and a really thick fluid forced into your knee. It feels like being kicked several times in the knee by someone wearing steel toed boots.

Hopefully the next two will go even better!


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