Knee Pain Part 2…

I have been looking for ways to exercise my thighs so that it strengthen the muscles around my knee caps because my left knee cap is slipping out of it’s groove and rolling over the rounded part of my tibia and hurts really bad a sharp stabbing pain. The problem I am running into though is the pain on my current dose of my pain medication I am having a lot of break through pain so I am really afraid of having severe pain once again.
I am going to have to ask my doctor about either changing my dose or adding another pain killer to what I am already taking. At present I take 15mg of a narcotic pain killer and 150mg of a drug for nerve pain in my thighs and my feet. The pain in my feet is diabetic nerve pain also known as diabetic neuropathy it can differ greatly for each person. For me it is a strong burning sensation in the bottoms of my feet and the big toe on my right foot then there is also a stinging sensation kind of like the pins and needles when your foot falls asleep but more intense.
With my thighs it is similar to the pain in my feet with a very strong burning sensation, however there is also a sharp sometimes shooting, and other times stabbing pain of being electrocuted it made me scared to move my leg at times. So thankfully the drug for that has worked very well with only occasional break through.
Our apartment complex has a gym and this week coming up we are going to go check it out and see what they have so pray for me there is something I can use.
God Bless!!!


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