Oh Knee Leave me Alone…When a knee locks…

So since the lubricating injections have worn off completely my knee is being a real pain in more ways than one. At first it was just annoying pain here and there you know like that really irritating toothache like throb, well it has me wishing for those days once again. Now when I get up I have to be really careful because more likely than not it is going to lock as soon as I straighten it out. Then I have to stand there moving my knee around slowly until I find where it is going to pop loose so I can walk. I know most every time I stand I have a grimacing face because I know it has to pop, however I also know that as soon as it does it is going to hurt.

It is to the point where sometimes I wish I didn’t have knees at all. I just want them to go away and leave me alone. Of course if that happened I wouldn’t be able to walk so I guess it isn’t a practical wish after all. Getting the injections are a double edged sword for sure though it is nice when you first get them but after awhile you start waiting for the painful shoe to fall because eventually it will and with a vengeance.

I suppose some would think that would make it not worth it, however in the weeks following the injections I can get a lot done and then I won’t have a lot to do when the injections wear off. That is why I find them worth it and I even get to sleep in my bed for two to four weeks and then it is back to the loveseat.

I tell people that are new to pain management to weigh all of your options because there are many and every person is different when it comes to controlling pain. For me it is corticosteroids, muscle relaxers, and pain medications. Some do quite well with implanted neurostimulators and can even go off of pain medications all together. These are just a few and your doctor will go over the things that he feels would help your condition. Your doctor will also likely have x-rays and an mri done to see exactly where the damage and  the pain is or radiates from.

 I am not sure how other states do narcotic medications, however in Texas you have to enter into a contract with you pain management doctor and in this contract you agree that you will only take the pain medications prescribed to you by him/her, you will not take anyone else medications, you will not try to get more pain medications from the ER or other doctors if you have to hospitalized then your pain management doctor will let them know what you take, how much, how many times a day, and no illegal drugs, they will do a urine test randomly every few months and if anything is there that should not be there if it is an illegal substance they will break your contract and you will no longer get your pain meds through them and will have to find a new doctor that will take you. Believe me it is not worth it to lose your most likely only source of pain relief.



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