When the Injections Wear Off…

Corticosteroids can give those with chronic pain a great deal of relief but there always comes a time when they wear off and if you have ever experienced this you will know the dread I feel. After being pretty much pain free for weeks and being able to sleep in my bed and not on the loveseat was blissful and I could at last stretch all the way out. It did not last and when the pain came back it was with a vengeance. Yesterday and last night was so horrible and I was nearly in tears most of the time. Every time I moved even just a little bit my back would try to lock up in spasms so sharp and painful it would take my breath away.

Taking my pain medication there was no difference and so after 30 minutes to an hour later I took a second muscle relaxer. I knew it was going to make me super sleepy but at that point I did not care one bit. After another 15 minutes or so my back finally started relaxing and yes I was super sleepy but the relief was well worth it. It will take time for my doctor to permission for more injections and that is the worst the wait. My insurance company knows I suffer chronic pain and they know this is not going away so why make me wait and suffer?

So for now I will sleep a few weeks on the loveseat until I can get more injections then a few more weeks sleeping on my bed in my room. The reason for sleeping on the loveseat is because it keeps me from rolling around while I sleep. I have in the past woke up with spasms so bad that it literally took me up to an hour to get off the bed. So now I do the smart thing and not the comfortable thing.

I always say tomorrow is another day God willing and He gives me the strength to not lay down and let the pain get the better of me. God’s blessing to you all!


3 thoughts on “When the Injections Wear Off…

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about this. My best friend lives with lupus; she has days of excruciating pain, but must work through them as she’s a single mom raising two boys. I will add you to my prayer list, and pray that these days are few and far between for you; that the pain reduces and that there is an inroad with the insurance so that you are able to obtain regular injection on an ongoing basis. Bless you, my sweet friend.

    • Susan I am sorry I am just now seeing this, but for some reason wordpress did not let me know of your comment. I am so sorry to hear about your friend lupus is a horrible thing to have and I will pray for her. Thank you so very much for your prayers God is amazing and I lean on Him often for support and comfort. I am still waiting for approval on my neck injection and both of my knees. May God Bless you richly my dear friend.

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