Over Doing Things…

You would think since I have been a lot of pain for many years that I would know better than to overdo things and though in the back of my mind I do know I shouldn’t do that sometimes I am just dumb enough to do just that. We had company coming over last night and I do not like anyone seeing our apartment messy. It was not dirty but just rather messy so I put on some Disturbed and Linkin Park to get me motivated. I started in the living room and before I knew what happened the bedroom was cleaned and bed made, the bathroom was cleaned top to bottom, and the kitchen was cleaned as well.

From the way my back felt I am going to pay for this dearly tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it because we have to go grocery shopping after Dwight gets off of work so will be on my feet for over an hour which will not make my lower back very happy at all. So what do you do if you overdo things? Sometimes if your system can handle it you can take an extra dose of pain medication, but ask your doctor first if it is safe for you to do that since everyone is different. Also you do not want to do this very often because your body will build resistance much faster and also you could run a bigger chance of overdosing and we know that is a very bad thing as it could be deadly. Sometimes hot compresses will help to calm angry muscles, however do not make the compresses any hotter than you can comfortably stand on your skin you don’t want to burn yourself. Taking things easy for a few days will help as well and of course remember not to overdo it again.

Ah well at least the apartment is clean again for awhile.


4 thoughts on “Over Doing Things…

  1. Oh, so happy for you that you were able to have the energy to clean your apartment. It is quite refreshing and renewing just to sit back and enjoy a cleaned up home looks, doesn’t it? – Even though it only seems to remain that way for two days max. :oD

    • That is so true and especially since we have three cats. Our oldest one is 22 years old so he doesn’t do much. We also have an 8 year old that is still pretty active and a 1 year old terror lol.

    • Sometimes it takes something turning your world upside down to get you to see life differently. I know there are people out there fighting even worse battles than I am so I am always thankful for what I have because it could be much worse indeed. Now I enjoy growing my little patio garden with my beautiful sunset colored mini roses and find lots of peace and pure happiness in that. You are very welcome and I am sure I will come back to visit you again soon. Blessings to you as well!

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