I have been injected into so many places on my body I feel like a worn out pin cushion, however they do give me relief at least for awhile. I have had two different kinds of injections one is corticosteroids ( not to be confused with anabolic steroids) one is a growth hormone the other is an anti inflammatory. The other is called Synvisc and it is a lubricant that is injected into the knee joint once a week for three weeks.

I have been injected from the base of my skull to my tailbone with varying results and in both knees with corticosteroids.  In my knees the corticosteroids did not work at all. This is because I have to much damage and little or no fluid left in my knees the left being the worst. of the two. So my doctor decided we should try the Synvisc to see if hat would work. So I under went the injections and I was thankful my doctor is compassionate and put me in a deep twilight sleep because the reason it is done over a three week period is because Synvisc is the consistency of motor oil. I did wake up during my second injection and it was really painful I imagined it was like being kicked with a steel toed boot several times. Doing them a week apart gives each injection time to settle into the joint and surrounding tissue. My injections worked for about eight months so I will be getting them done again in a few weeks. It didn’t last as long as we hoped for but eight months worth of no pain is worth doing it again in my book.

As for pain doctors try to find one that is compassionate and will put you in a twilight sleep when doing injections. If you are in chronic pain then your doctor should not find it acceptable to cause you even more pain with these injections. The only exception would be if you have a health problem that would make it to dangerous for you to be put under even in a twilight sleep.

Another option that is available to some people that pain medications such as opiates either don’t work from the beginning or the person has built such a tolerance to the drugs that they no longer work. Then there are those that nothing else work not even the corticosteroids. This would be a neurostimulator that is put under the skin and the leads placed along the spine where the pain is coming from. It sends out pulses that interrupt the message getting to the brain and so it is like your brain forgets it is in pain there. These are not for everyone such as diabetics that run a much higher risk of infection.

I hope this has helped anyone who reads and suffers from chronic pain, or knows someone that does. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask and if I don’t know I will do my best to find out.


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