Living With Diabetic Nerve Pain…

Never in my life did I ever imagine that the nerve pain from diabetes would hurt so bad. Can you imagine your feet tingling on the bottoms while the tops of your feet feels like they being stabbed by red hot needles, as if that wasn’t bad enough i also have nerve pain in both of my thighs the right one considerably worse than the left. Before i was placed on Lyrica every time I moved my right leg it felt like I was being electrocuted and set on fire at the same time. This was no mild pain there were times I nearly cried just trying to walk, shift my position while sitting, and touching it was a no no just touching my skin hurt like the skin had been rubbed completely raw with coarse sand paper.

At first I was opposed to being placed on yet another pill, however as time went by the pain was just wearing me out. It got to the point that it was waking up out of a sound sleep pretty much every time I moved my right leg. Then I started getting the stabbing pains in my left thigh and that was how the right one started. Finally I talked to my doctor and asked what could be done and he prescribed Lyrica I had to build it slowly in my system to avoid things like nausea and vomiting. I started at 50 mg for a week, then 100 mg for a week, and finally 150 mg. So far it is working great even though there is times I have break through pain it isn’t often and it usually isn’t bad.

If you have this kind of pain talk with your doctor about possibilities that can be used to control the pain. Thankfully Lyrica worked wonders for me, but it isn’t for everyone there is Cymbalta as well and it might work for you. Some people can use both together and that helps control some control their pain. I am sure there are other things that I have not mentioned here.

Just don’t give up they are coming up with more things all the time to help control all kinds of pain. I know it can get depressing I have been there so many times. If you feel that sinking sensation that comes with the onset of a deep depression find someone to talk to a friend, a family member, or a depression hotline. Don’t let it swallow you up here is a link where you should be able to find someone to talk to please bookmark the page in case you need it.


2 thoughts on “Living With Diabetic Nerve Pain…

  1. My father was a diabetic and had what he called “shocks” in his feet and sometimes it would happen when he was driving. That was scary! He would scream until it was over. It sounds similar to what you are experiencing. Thanks for encouraging others who are going through pain like yours.

    • Crystal yes your father had diabetic nerve pain. It always starts in the feet but can spread to the legs and hands as well. I have a combination of burning, stabbing, and electric shock pain in my feet. It is horrible if it goes untreated and thankfully they have medicine such as Lyrica to help with the pain. I am so sorry to hear your father’s pain was so bad it had to be torture for him and I bet that was scary when he was driving. I know how lonely a person can feel when they suffer chronic pain of any kind especially when they look just fine on the outside. I want people to know they are not alone there are others that are dealing with the same thing and that there is hope.

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