When the Injections Wear Off…

Corticosteroids can give those with chronic pain a great deal of relief but there always comes a time when they wear off and if you have ever experienced this you will know the dread I feel. After being pretty much pain free for weeks and being able to sleep in my bed and not on the loveseat was blissful and I could at last stretch all the way out. It did not last and when the pain came back it was with a vengeance. Yesterday and last night was so horrible and I was nearly in tears most of the time. Every time I moved even just a little bit my back would try to lock up in spasms so sharp and painful it would take my breath away.

Taking my pain medication there was no difference and so after 30 minutes to an hour later I took a second muscle relaxer. I knew it was going to make me super sleepy but at that point I did not care one bit. After another 15 minutes or so my back finally started relaxing and yes I was super sleepy but the relief was well worth it. It will take time for my doctor to permission for more injections and that is the worst the wait. My insurance company knows I suffer chronic pain and they know this is not going away so why make me wait and suffer?

So for now I will sleep a few weeks on the loveseat until I can get more injections then a few more weeks sleeping on my bed in my room. The reason for sleeping on the loveseat is because it keeps me from rolling around while I sleep. I have in the past woke up with spasms so bad that it literally took me up to an hour to get off the bed. So now I do the smart thing and not the comfortable thing.

I always say tomorrow is another day God willing and He gives me the strength to not lay down and let the pain get the better of me. God’s blessing to you all!


Over Doing Things…

You would think since I have been a lot of pain for many years that I would know better than to overdo things and though in the back of my mind I do know I shouldn’t do that sometimes I am just dumb enough to do just that. We had company coming over last night and I do not like anyone seeing our apartment messy. It was not dirty but just rather messy so I put on some Disturbed and Linkin Park to get me motivated. I started in the living room and before I knew what happened the bedroom was cleaned and bed made, the bathroom was cleaned top to bottom, and the kitchen was cleaned as well.

From the way my back felt I am going to pay for this dearly tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it because we have to go grocery shopping after Dwight gets off of work so will be on my feet for over an hour which will not make my lower back very happy at all. So what do you do if you overdo things? Sometimes if your system can handle it you can take an extra dose of pain medication, but ask your doctor first if it is safe for you to do that since everyone is different. Also you do not want to do this very often because your body will build resistance much faster and also you could run a bigger chance of overdosing and we know that is a very bad thing as it could be deadly. Sometimes hot compresses will help to calm angry muscles, however do not make the compresses any hotter than you can comfortably stand on your skin you don’t want to burn yourself. Taking things easy for a few days will help as well and of course remember not to overdo it again.

Ah well at least the apartment is clean again for awhile.


I have been injected into so many places on my body I feel like a worn out pin cushion, however they do give me relief at least for awhile. I have had two different kinds of injections one is corticosteroids ( not to be confused with anabolic steroids) one is a growth hormone the other is an anti inflammatory. The other is called Synvisc and it is a lubricant that is injected into the knee joint once a week for three weeks.

I have been injected from the base of my skull to my tailbone with varying results and in both knees with corticosteroids.  In my knees the corticosteroids did not work at all. This is because I have to much damage and little or no fluid left in my knees the left being the worst. of the two. So my doctor decided we should try the Synvisc to see if hat would work. So I under went the injections and I was thankful my doctor is compassionate and put me in a deep twilight sleep because the reason it is done over a three week period is because Synvisc is the consistency of motor oil. I did wake up during my second injection and it was really painful I imagined it was like being kicked with a steel toed boot several times. Doing them a week apart gives each injection time to settle into the joint and surrounding tissue. My injections worked for about eight months so I will be getting them done again in a few weeks. It didn’t last as long as we hoped for but eight months worth of no pain is worth doing it again in my book.

As for pain doctors try to find one that is compassionate and will put you in a twilight sleep when doing injections. If you are in chronic pain then your doctor should not find it acceptable to cause you even more pain with these injections. The only exception would be if you have a health problem that would make it to dangerous for you to be put under even in a twilight sleep.

Another option that is available to some people that pain medications such as opiates either don’t work from the beginning or the person has built such a tolerance to the drugs that they no longer work. Then there are those that nothing else work not even the corticosteroids. This would be a neurostimulator that is put under the skin and the leads placed along the spine where the pain is coming from. It sends out pulses that interrupt the message getting to the brain and so it is like your brain forgets it is in pain there. These are not for everyone such as diabetics that run a much higher risk of infection.

I hope this has helped anyone who reads and suffers from chronic pain, or knows someone that does. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask and if I don’t know I will do my best to find out.

Living With Diabetic Nerve Pain…

Never in my life did I ever imagine that the nerve pain from diabetes would hurt so bad. Can you imagine your feet tingling on the bottoms while the tops of your feet feels like they being stabbed by red hot needles, as if that wasn’t bad enough i also have nerve pain in both of my thighs the right one considerably worse than the left. Before i was placed on Lyrica every time I moved my right leg it felt like I was being electrocuted and set on fire at the same time. This was no mild pain there were times I nearly cried just trying to walk, shift my position while sitting, and touching it was a no no just touching my skin hurt like the skin had been rubbed completely raw with coarse sand paper.

At first I was opposed to being placed on yet another pill, however as time went by the pain was just wearing me out. It got to the point that it was waking up out of a sound sleep pretty much every time I moved my right leg. Then I started getting the stabbing pains in my left thigh and that was how the right one started. Finally I talked to my doctor and asked what could be done and he prescribed Lyrica I had to build it slowly in my system to avoid things like nausea and vomiting. I started at 50 mg for a week, then 100 mg for a week, and finally 150 mg. So far it is working great even though there is times I have break through pain it isn’t often and it usually isn’t bad.

If you have this kind of pain talk with your doctor about possibilities that can be used to control the pain. Thankfully Lyrica worked wonders for me, but it isn’t for everyone there is Cymbalta as well and it might work for you. Some people can use both together and that helps control some control their pain. I am sure there are other things that I have not mentioned here.

Just don’t give up they are coming up with more things all the time to help control all kinds of pain. I know it can get depressing I have been there so many times. If you feel that sinking sensation that comes with the onset of a deep depression find someone to talk to a friend, a family member, or a depression hotline. Don’t let it swallow you up here is a link http://www.dbsalliance.org/site/PageServer?pagename=urgent_crisis_hotline where you should be able to find someone to talk to please bookmark the page in case you need it.

Judging Others on Appearances Alone…

Being a disabled person that looks completely normal on the outside I know the pain and frustration of people judging something they know nothing about, being the brunt of snide remarks, and callous rude behavior. If it was only strangers that did these things it would be easier to ignore, however that is almost never the case. It is more than hurtful when it comes from family and friends and feels very much like betrayal because if family and friends are not willing to believe you and the medical proof you have proving everything. However because our disabilities are not visible they are not believed.

Just from family and friends I have been mocked I have been made fun of and I have been told “Oh it can’t be that bad” this because I insist on standing straight no matter how much it hurts. I do this because I know walking all stooped over will only make my pain that much worse and my back could end up locked in that position. Last year I was living with a friend and I had gone to get injections in my right hip and then all the way down the outside of my right thigh to my knee. When I got back I was in a lot of pain which happens sometimes right after injections in a sensitive spot and lasts about 24 hours. So that evening the pain was so bad my pain meds were barely working and several times I was in tears and believe that doesn’t usually happen because of the fact I am always in pain. I had asked my friend to get me something which she did but then she stood holding it at the end of the sofa mocking and laughing at me telling me I could get up and get it from her if I really wanted it. Not only did it really hurt coming from a friend (one that actually saw me just days after having a stroke) it was humiliating as if I were an animal and she dangling food in front of me to get me to perform a trick for her. Although I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised since she confessed that before I had the stroke that she and her now ex husband had discussed that they both thought I was just lazy. When in fact I had been really sick because I was diabetic and didn’t know it and so on the night my blood sugar went up to 800 I had a moderate stroke in my cerebellum. She confesses this to me while I am laying in a bed fighting for my life.

Stop and think I am sure if you are at least 18 years old you have probably had something that caused you a lot of pain maybe a broken bone, a migraine, ulcers, etc. Now think about it can headache pain of any kind be seen on the outside of the body, most broken bones cannot be seen on the outside of the body, and ulcer pain can’t either. The fact is pain cannot be seen period you can sometimes see result of pain like crying, withdrawing from friends and events, bruising, etc. None of that tells you though how much pain another is in and it doesn’t tell others how much pain you are in. I am sure you would appreciate them taking your word for it even though they cannot see your pain. You might even look as normal as I do or another disabled person like me does. Try putting yourself in the place of a person that lives with severe chronic pain and knowing they do suffer everyday because no pain killer takes away all of the pain. Then they have to deal with those closest to them and supposedly loves them are mocking them, making fun of them, and thinks they are lying so is it any wonder we also suffer from depression and anxiety?

So the next time you see a person that is suppose to be disabled but looks normal just remember pain cannot be seen. Be kind and treat them as you would want to be treated if you were in their shoes and it doesn’t matter if they are a stranger, a friend, or a family member be kind to them.