Sometimes it Works…Sometimes it Doesn’t

When dealing with chronic pain doctors will use many different things to help control the pain and make it easier to live with. As the title says sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but you never know unless you try. Last Friday I had my back from the base of my skull to my tailbone injected it was very successful in my lower back and it has been pain free since the day of the injections, my neck was semi successful it is better than it was but there is still pain and stiffness, and my tailbone  was only pain free for a few days so that is not successful at all. I am not surprised though because each time my tailbone has been injected it wore off faster and faster each time.  I am thinking it is time to look into other options for that at least.

One thing I want to clear up (because I have had to explain this numerous times) the steroid that is used for pain is not the kind that makes a person get huge muscles and go crazy. For injections for pain it is corticosteroids they relieve inflammation which in turn relieves pain. It can last from three to twelve months so it is a temporary treatment and has to be repeated once it starts wearing off. The steroids that cheating athletes use is anabolic steroids they are growth hormones so it allows  them to be able to bulk up with little work. This might sound like a good idea until it starts to effect your mind and you start having episodes called “roid rage” which could cause you to kill someone or get you killed. Finally they will do permanent damage to your mind if you use them for a long period of time.

Other things that pain doctors use are pain medications and no two patients are the same when it comes to what works. Also when narcotics are used for long periods of time the body becomes accustom and they stop working as well. For awhile the dosage can be adjusted, however in time they become useless for  controlling the pain and another drug has to be found to help. Some people take more than one narcotic some take a muscle relaxer along with their pain medication. The muscle relaxer helps those that have muscle spasms relaxing the muscles also helps whatever pain medication work better. Once the body is relaxed and the spasms calmed the medication can give you greater relief.

There are also devices they can implant that blocks the nerve impulses to the brain that relays that you are in pain. These are also a hit and miss thing so many doctors will place a temporary one on the back to see how much it helps if at all. If it does work then they can implant a permanent one under the skin and then you have control over how much it blocks the pain. The last resort is surgery depending on what is causing the pain.

The bottom line is most of the time if you have chronic pain you will more than likely feel some level of pain the rest of your life so the key is to get it to a point that can be lived with. Thank you for reading and God Bless!


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